All B&B Accommodation in Dumfries

To help visitors to Dumfries Scotland find suitable bed and breakfast accommodation, this website lists a selection of BnBs in Dumfries town with additional details including an interactive location map to help get directions.   The website also provides some guest amenity information for each property, not exhaustive or definitive, and other information about Dumfries and the area, again not exhaustive or definitive.

    • lauren house bed and breakfast dumfries 768x575

    Lauren House Bed and Breakfast

    • glencairn villa dumfries 768x464

    Glencairn Villa Bed & Breakfast

    • torbay lodge guest house dumfries

    Torbay Lodge Guest House

    • lindean guest house dumfries 768x374

    Lindean Guest House

    • glenaldor house bnb dumfries

    Glenaldor House Bed & Breakfast

    • craignair bed breakfast dumfries 768x576

    Craignair Bed and Breakfast

    • burnett house bed and breakfast dumfries 768x768

    Burnett House Bed & Breakfast

    • waverley hotel dumfries 768x576

    Waverley Guest House

    • langlands bed breakfast dumfries 768x576

    Langlands Bed and Breakfast

    • dumfries villa bed and breakfast 768x1024

    Dumfries Villa B&B