1. I stayed with you before with a couple of other chaps from Sidmouth Camera Club. If you remember we left some cameras behind so thanks for looking after them. May I now provisionally book two double rooms for the night of Friday 27th April 2012. That is for myself and my wife and another couple. Chris

    1. Thank you for your enquiry – your message has now been forwarded to Rivendell BnB

  2. Do you have a twin-bedded room available for my adult daughter and me, on the night of Monday, 13 August?

    1. Hi Nancy

      Thank you for your B&B enquiry. If you contact Rivendell B&B directly on 01387 252251 they will be able to take your booking.

  3. Hello Admin

    I appreciate you forwarding some of your comments on to us. Could we place a link underneath our photo to save you time forwarding them to us.

    Kindest regards


    1. Hi Fraser
      Thank you for your enquiry re hyperlinking to Rivendell B&B. The listing templates are currently being reviewed and website links may become part of the new listings.

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